Time to get back to it.


I have been pretty quiet as of late with University, getting back into the real world, and now back to University. I have made myself a little promise that I need to sit down a little more regularly and make notes, write this blog, and generally talk about random photographic stuff with the world as I have been feeling quite alone.

The image above is titled ‘A Study of Study’. A collection of the books and documents I have been reading as of late to improve my idea and research skills about my own photographic practice. I made the image in hopes it would convey the power of importance of learning and reading, as well as give a representation of the amount of work people don’t realise goes into making a photographic series and body of work. It’s almost impossible just to point a camera at anything anymore and call it ‘Art’ or even try to pass it of as ‘Narrative’ unless you can truly identify and show a process of understanding the reasons you pressed the button in the first place.

Knowledge is Power


The Happy Mistakes

Shooting film gives some very happy mistakes sometimes, and when you use a super cheap plastic camera and cheap film, these results are even better.


This image was shot using my Holga 120 N, a very cheap plastic camera and lens from a bygone era. They have made a very big comeback in the Hipster revival of all things low fi.


On a camera like the Holga, if you don’t turn the advance wheel you will take a picture over a picture. These double exposures can make wonderfully beautiful images of shapes and colour if controlled correctly. As I use black and white film mostly we can ignore the colour reference, but the odd shapes and textures produced are something to be amazed by.