Time to get back to it.


I have been pretty quiet as of late with University, getting back into the real world, and now back to University. I have made myself a little promise that I need to sit down a little more regularly and make notes, write this blog, and generally talk about random photographic stuff with the world as I have been feeling quite alone.

The image above is titled ‘A Study of Study’. A collection of the books and documents I have been reading as of late to improve my idea and research skills about my own photographic practice. I made the image in hopes it would convey the power of importance of learning and reading, as well as give a representation of the amount of work people don’t realise goes into making a photographic series and body of work. It’s almost impossible just to point a camera at anything anymore and call it ‘Art’ or even try to pass it of as ‘Narrative’ unless you can truly identify and show a process of understanding the reasons you pressed the button in the first place.

Knowledge is Power