A small change in direction..

Things have been afoot for a little while now in my world and I have been making some decisions about directions I should take. Photography is my love and I will continue on, but as its quite competitive and painful to try and make a proper living from it.

I have been thinking of ways to improve not only my shooting profile, but ways of improving my own knowledge of the photographic process. So I have planned on trying to make a few more photobooks, learn much more about the printing process (both digital and wet) and in turn try and create a place where photographers can gather as much information as possible to make their own photobooks.

There is defiantly a void in the world where we don’t have a knowledge bank of where and who people can contact in relation to making and designing a photobook. So if you know a designer, publisher, printer or a place that does all that kind of stuff at once please put me in contact so we can create something GRAND!


Time to get back to it.


I have been pretty quiet as of late with University, getting back into the real world, and now back to University. I have made myself a little promise that I need to sit down a little more regularly and make notes, write this blog, and generally talk about random photographic stuff with the world as I have been feeling quite alone.

The image above is titled ‘A Study of Study’. A collection of the books and documents I have been reading as of late to improve my idea and research skills about my own photographic practice. I made the image in hopes it would convey the power of importance of learning and reading, as well as give a representation of the amount of work people don’t realise goes into making a photographic series and body of work. It’s almost impossible just to point a camera at anything anymore and call it ‘Art’ or even try to pass it of as ‘Narrative’ unless you can truly identify and show a process of understanding the reasons you pressed the button in the first place.

Knowledge is Power

Has it really been that long?

Well I just got the shock of my life when I read it’s been 2 years since I last posted well anything. I have been around and posting to other places and seem to have forgotten what I was doing here and what I was using it for.

So I need some help to rethink what this site is going to be about.

I will think big and deep and come up with some ideas for keeping this place going. It may just end up a blog of my ramblings about photography and all it’s ephemera. 

Let’s see where it goes, and sorry it’s taken my so long to get back to you all.