Imagery and Songs

Sometimes you just have to look up at the sky and wonder, as that is where the daydream starts and the opening of ones mind into new ideas starts.

I have always hopped to be a lot more open minded, and always found myself stuck in my own thoughts. The idea of the daydream is to reveal something different inside ones self, the child like freedom to wonder about anything and everything.

With this in the back of my mind I created this set of images based on a song purely devoted to the idea of the daydream and how the daydream feels in a musical sense. I wont mention the song as I think it might be more fun if people could guess..

untitled-6196 untitled-6197untitled-6198 untitled-6199 untitled-6200 untitled-6201 untitled-6202 untitled-6203 untitled-6204 untitled-6205 untitled-6206 untitled-6207 untitled-6208 untitled-6209 untitled-6210 untitled-6211 untitled-6212 untitled-6213 untitled-6214 untitled-6216


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