Well Good Bye 2014…. You were what you were……

This time of year is a funny one for me. I find myself on many occasions sitting alone and wondering what is really going on in my life and what are the answers to all the questions that have never been answered. Today again I found myself sitting quietly and on the verge of tears for like the third time today for no reason at all.

I must admit the Christmas and New Years periods are fairly sad times for me, and I have never really been able to adjust. To many bad memories bounce around inside my head, never with an outlet.

This year has produced a lot of very steep highs and cavernous lows, and every time I have taken that typically Australian manly chin of mine and stuck it out into the abyss to be hit repeatedly and not fall down. I have conquered many fears by being thrown into the fire and had to adjust, and at times I have fallen into a heap with nothing but regret and clasping my head asking why and how.

I have worked with many many lovely, dedicated, honest, and sincere people during the year which has boosted not only my photographic profile, but taught me I am able to stretch the elastic band sometimes to the point where it might break.  In this year has also seen the elastic band break, and I have had to stop, regroup, and decide to continue on or not in more ways than one. When projects go bad, or you have an idea that fails, there is a period of not only morning but learning as well. The ability just to throw it out and start a new is where you make the decision to continue on that chosen path.

2015 Is a new year and already filled with challenges and doubts that in turn I will deal with as they appear. The year will be arduous and long, the challenges great and will seem unsurmountable, but as long as my dear friends are close I shall be able to conquer all.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and may it bring the joy and happiness you all deserve.

Nathan Larkin