Film V Digital…. AGAIN

Another PetaPixel page about film v digital.

I don’t think it fair right off the bat to compare the Nikon D800E to a Mamiya 7. With megapixels and 120mm film there is definitely a major difference in size straight away! Then when they add in the Phase One IQ80 as well as a 4×5 and 8×10 film view cameras and I get lost in all this perceived data.

I would rather think of film v digital like Vanilla v Chocolate Ice Cream.

One can have everything added to it if you like. It’s a base that does everything really well and there is all the potential in the world to manipulate it and make what you like of it. The other is pretty much EVERYONES favourite at one time or another and just oozes all the good stuff. Yeah it’s pretty limited as it is only the one flavour, but there are may different styles to the flavour and we can add the odd little extra to make it just that little more nice nice.

What do I shoot? We I am a mixed shooter like most photographers now. Every idea requires a different tool, and using that tool well makes all the difference. What should you shoot? Anything and everything!!


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