Charlotte Wallin

20140818-nathan_fashion0623 20140825-fashion.2099720140825-fashion.2084420140825-_DSC2044 20140825-fashion.20798-2 20140825-fashion.20831  20140825-fashion.20961

Here are a few images of the lovely Charlotte Wallin I have done recently for some smart casual fashion. She really has a wonderful classical beauty and a joy to work with. I look forward to seeing her career blossom and I do hope to shoot her again before she UBER famous!!

Mei Zhang is a lovely up and coming Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. She seems to have a knack to work very well with little guidance. Her skills were amazing when I gave her very little details about what I was looking for, and came up with the look all by herself that suited the style perfectly!

Model: Charlotte Wallin

Hair and Make Up: Mei Zhang


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