Charlotte Wallin

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Here are a few images of the lovely Charlotte Wallin I have done recently for some smart casual fashion. She really has a wonderful classical beauty and a joy to work with. I look forward to seeing her career blossom and I do hope to shoot her again before she UBER famous!!

Mei Zhang is a lovely up and coming Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. She seems to have a knack to work very well with little guidance. Her skills were amazing when I gave her very little details about what I was looking for, and came up with the look all by herself that suited the style perfectly!

Model: Charlotte Wallin

Hair and Make Up: Mei Zhang


Some Fashion Work


Here is a taste of some of the fashion shooting I have been doing.

Lea was a lovely young lady who needed some shots for a character she is creating. Now I must admit I forgot to ask the characters name, but I would say by the looks she has a very ‘devil may care’ attitude.

Lea was a wonderful young lady to photograph and has such a stunning look.

Jenny Nguyen was working furiously under fire with very little working in her favour for the shoot. Only small mirrors, fading light, and time pressure never seemed to faze her. A true professional and I look forward to collaboration again with her soon.

Model: Lea Bournakas

Hair and Make Up: Jenny Nguyen


Well I do have to say a big sorry!! It has been a while since I have posted anything.

I have been MEGA busy shooting and exhibiting, and it has finally gotten a touch quite so I can collect my thoughts before the next big rush.

I have a few shoots over the next couple of weeks and I promise to keep you all updated on.

Again SORRY!