More on ‘My Tribe..

Hey Everyone!!

Well I hope all is going well, and your all having a bunch of fun! As for me, it’s just getting super busy with projects on the start.

I have two major ones at the moment about to commence and it will be taking up a lot of my time , so posting might be a little intermittent over the next few months.

One of the projects I can’t talk about to much at the moment, mainly because it has become a little bit of a back burner thing and I haven’t thought much about it as of late. The idea is very strong and has a wonderful meaning, but I am struggling with the way I think it is going to look, and how it might be best represented and shot. All this means I will need to test and test and test shoot there hell out of it until I come up with something.

More importantly ‘My Tribe‘ is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. If you haven’t read the proposal just click here, or find the link in my ‘Current Projects’ area. I have started a Facebook Page for everyone to join as well. This will be a continuous fed about the project and how it is progressing. It will also contain the dates and times for the studio sessions to come and have your bicycle rider portrait taken. So if your a part of ‘My Tribe‘ go like the page and keep an eye on your in box for more information!


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