Portraits, Self Portraits, and Selfies…

Self Portrait

Yep I still hate images of myself, and I don’t think that will ever change. All I see is the flaws, and I judge myself harder than any of those around me.

But the Self Portrait is something that has been explored in photography since its conception. Hippolyte Bayard┬ádidn’t see his own portrait as a living loving man. He shows himself slumped in a corner, hands and face darker that the rest of his body, dead to the eye. His ‘Portrait as a drowned man’ would have to be the earliest ‘artistic’ or dare I say ‘conceptual’ self portraits created. Most of all, we wish that when we take a portrait we capture something of the person ‘within’.

You can be yourself (like I am above) or play the ‘role’ of ┬ásomeone you think you are (like below).

Self Portrait as Housewife.