Not really a Cheap Boom for Video..

I was sifting around YouTube the last few days looking at different ‘hacks’ for better video, and I found a lot of different Jibs and Cranes that people have made.

Most will claim the ‘homemade’ things to be $10 and even $40 to make, but thats if you have pretty much everything else and only need the material. Most of these will set you back $100, and I still think that is pretty cheap considering some of the things outside they call cheap.

So when I came across the Boom Bandit I thought ‘yeah this could be pretty cool!’.

I have taken a really good look at it, the video is surprisingly good; the operation of the device seems solid; but at $250 plus shipping I don’t think it’s really that cheap.

OK yes it’s a tad better looking than something your gonna knock up in your garage and has the ability to go pretty much anywhere, but at $250+ I would almost make one out of plastic pipe so if it broke, my bank account wouldn’t. It seems a tad over priced just at the minuet, and hard to justify due to being iPhone; GoPro; and 4/3rds capable. I know this is a light weight rig, but it might just be a little to light weight.

So I’m not convinced, but please leave a comment about your thoughts.


One thought on “Not really a Cheap Boom for Video..

  1. Yes, I like this jib but way too expensive! I will make one myself and use the techniques shown in the video to improve my homemade crane jib!

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