When something is Lost who finds it..


Sometimes we lose something and never find it. Sometime we need to lose something so someone else can find it.

When I saw these shoes today all I could think about was who was the person that left them there, and why. There must have been a reason for it, but what was the reason?

It’s the small things sometimes that have us ponder a little more about ourselves, and our place in the world. When I was looking for ‘Blue’ things to photograph today, I never thought I would find something that covered the idea of ‘Blue’ in more than one context.


Push Pull Focus or Follow Focus on a DSLR..

So I have seen many a thing for push pull focus on DSLR video going around at the moment. The commercially available ones can get really pricey, or be pretty competitive like this one from FocusMaker. I have even seen pretty low fi hacks using can openers.

There are many ideas floating around about how these things can work.

Do you use one? What do you use, and how well does it work? Please comment and let me know what you use and how well it works.

Not really a Cheap Boom for Video..

I was sifting around YouTube the last few days looking at different ‘hacks’ for better video, and I found a lot of different Jibs and Cranes that people have made.

Most will claim the ‘homemade’ things to be $10 and even $40 to make, but thats if you have pretty much everything else and only need the material. Most of these will set you back $100, and I still think that is pretty cheap considering some of the things outside they call cheap.

So when I came across the Boom Bandit I thought ‘yeah this could be pretty cool!’.

I have taken a really good look at it, the video is surprisingly good; the operation of the device seems solid; but at $250 plus shipping I don’t think it’s really that cheap.

OK yes it’s a tad better looking than something your gonna knock up in your garage and has the ability to go pretty much anywhere, but at $250+ I would almost make one out of plastic pipe so if it broke, my bank account wouldn’t. It seems a tad over priced just at the minuet, and hard to justify due to being iPhone; GoPro; and 4/3rds capable. I know this is a light weight rig, but it might just be a little to light weight.

So I’m not convinced, but please leave a comment about your thoughts.