When ideas run out, what do YOU do??

It’s that crazy time of the year for many in this world right now. The ‘Silly Season’ was we like to call it, takes up our time and forces our imagination into hiatus.

As a photographer, I don’t think I really have the pleasure of this lack of creativity. My poor mind is continually thinking of the next personal project; the next commercial shoot; how is that product going to look lit that way. There is an unusual sense of insanity with creative types, and the insanity can get quite amplified during certain parts of the year.

Today starts the new personal project I have been thinking about for a while now, and the baby steps have started to seed themselves. The research has begun, visually and in writing, and with this comes the self doubt.

This creative block has taken a while to loosen itself free, and I wonder what others do to free the shackles creativity?


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