When ideas run out, what do YOU do??

It’s that crazy time of the year for many in this world right now. The ‘Silly Season’ was we like to call it, takes up our time and forces our imagination into hiatus.

As a photographer, I don’t think I really have the pleasure of this lack of creativity. My poor mind is continually thinking of the next personal project; the next commercial shoot; how is that product going to look lit that way. There is an unusual sense of insanity with creative types, and the insanity can get quite amplified during certain parts of the year.

Today starts the new personal project I have been thinking about for a while now, and the baby steps have started to seed themselves. The research has begun, visually and in writing, and with this comes the self doubt.

This creative block has taken a while to loosen itself free, and I wonder what others do to free the shackles creativity?


How to NOT do something, but share your failure..

So in this video we, or really Chase Jarvis learns a very important lesson.


Now that lesson would be to maybe test your hacks a little better before trying them in a ‘real world’ situation. I know this seems a pretty standard thing, but we do tend to go a bit fast sometimes.

Who knows what made the camera unstable, the impressive thing is Chase takes the failure on the chin and keeps going.  He really shows us how quickly things can go wrong in real time, and shows that sometimes you have to fail to find out.

Big thanks to The Phoblogger for sharing as well.

Agapanthus Bloom

Agapanthus Bloom

Well it’s that time of year and I am finally seeing the first blooms from the Agapanthus in my driveway.

Melbourne has been a wet and wild town over the last few days, but I think the weather might be on the turn back to something the resembles summer soon.

Stop Motion Trials..

Well today has been pretty wet and miserable in Melbourne. I have been stuck in behind the computer almost all day, with nothing much to do part from edits; edits; and when I think I’m done more edits. So I decided to take an hour or so to myself and do some work on creating some basic Stop Motion in Photoshop.

So I popped over to YouTube and had a look at this video by Dave Cross which gave me the basics in what I needed to create ‘something’. I decided to shoot a few things around the house, as I never wanted to go to far.

So what’s the hardest thing about Stop Motion? The maths. Yes MATHS.

You need to structure out the images into a sequence that communicates the ideas your presenting, but have enough images to get the sequence together into a time frame that is coherent and watchable. So 30fps (frames per second) is where it all starts from and we need to work slightly backwards from there to go forwards..

Spacing your images at .1sec makes (less than 30fps) gives us a basic 10 frames for every second of footage, and hence lies the maths. So if you want your footage to go for 1 min that is 600 frames. If you decrease the time between each frame, you increase the frame rate back to 30fps. So you will need 1,800 to make 1 min of footage!!

But it’s a ton of fun, and something everyone should have a crack trying. My next thing is to add some Music..

Grab a camera, get an idea, and get clicking..