Temporary Art Project…

Art is fickle, fragile, self indulgent, and subversive. We can make anything we do (as artists) make sense or have meaning if we have enough researched and understand our art history. My primary problem is even though this back log of knowledge helps us understand all that is art; it doesn’t seem to cover the first primary question about the existence of art, why is art so temporary?

            We are conceived in dishes and wombs all around the world, only to be born to the pure fact that we begin our life starting the cycle of decaying and dying. Before our first step has been taken, we have moved closer to the grave. Even our own lives are temporary; genetically maybe everything is born to fade away?

            Graffiti is and has always been the most expressive form of temporary art to exist. It lives in a world of “outlaws” expressing their distrust and hatred against the machine of the world; hiding behind metaphors and symbols that they constantly paste, stencil, or paint in areas the public inhabit. Like lawyers getting tattoos and Harley’s to connect with this outlaw identity, Graphic Designers and Artist’s wander the public spaces at night plastering the world with their temporary proclamations of subversion. These subversive philosophical and ironic outlaws with messages for the populace, re processed and re packaged into modern works, plaster their ideas for all to see and pass comment.

There is no denying that this work is making the world a lot more conscious and conscientious of what is around us, and the problems we face, but as quickly as it goes up someone is taking it down. These pieces of thought provoking insights are removed by those jealous of the creator’s ability; passersby; council workers; or just plain old time and weather.

My photoset ‘Temporary Art’ is going to look at the ideas of temporary art, and how long can pieces be left in the public arena before they are removed. I will be starting this over the next month or so, and hope to have some images by October/November.


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