12 Steps and Uni Life.

I must really apologize.

I have been very very busy with University, I have neglected a lot of my networking.

I have been so busy writing, then re-writing essay’s, I haven’t been able to share a lot of my work with you all. So I am taking 5min out of my homework to post a few samples of the things I’m currently working on.

So we will start with 12 Steps. This is a body of work containing 12 shots. It’s about my journey in and through this life of mine. I decided to use only things I fiund walking around the streets, to accentuate the idea of my life having these ‘broken’ parts.


I have shot these items in a white tent so you can only see the item, and just the item. No Distractions. I feel the items have a little more power, and the idea of them being ‘broken’ adds weight to the overall point of view.


These images represent the things where I may be kind of ashamed of what happened, but they happened without my control. Sickness, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Physical and Mental Abuse, I have tried to show all these facets of my life.

As soon as grading is done, I will pop up a link to the full series.

Most everything else is a bit of a fizzer. Life is good and Uni is GREAT!! Keep the challenges rolling.


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