Crown Casino Melbourne

Crown Casino Melbourne by Phynyght Studio
Crown Casino Melbourne, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Crown Casino Melbourne.

Walking the streets of Melbourne gives the street photographers a chance to flourish.

I do enjoy Architecture photography, and have been having a lot of fun taking and looking at many of the wonderful buildings we have in our lovely town.


Casseldon Place.

Casseldon Place.

Walking through Melbourne on these wet days gives most a sense of loneliness, with a touch of freedom to help the irony of it all.

This lonely bike stand waiting for it two wheeled friend looked just as cold and forlorn and most of the people.

12 Steps and Uni Life.

I must really apologize.

I have been very very busy with University, I have neglected a lot of my networking.

I have been so busy writing, then re-writing essay’s, I haven’t been able to share a lot of my work with you all. So I am taking 5min out of my homework to post a few samples of the things I’m currently working on.

So we will start with 12 Steps. This is a body of work containing 12 shots. It’s about my journey in and through this life of mine. I decided to use only things I fiund walking around the streets, to accentuate the idea of my life having these ‘broken’ parts.


I have shot these items in a white tent so you can only see the item, and just the item. No Distractions. I feel the items have a little more power, and the idea of them being ‘broken’ adds weight to the overall point of view.


These images represent the things where I may be kind of ashamed of what happened, but they happened without my control. Sickness, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Physical and Mental Abuse, I have tried to show all these facets of my life.

As soon as grading is done, I will pop up a link to the full series.

Most everything else is a bit of a fizzer. Life is good and Uni is GREAT!! Keep the challenges rolling.