Boat House and Local Walks..


I spent an hour or so plodding along the walk ways and back tracks around the Fairfield Boat House yesterday shooting away merrily. It was so nice to to have an agenda, and I could shoot as much or as little as I liked.

The major problem was getting images I still thought were “Interesting” or had some kind of “Hook” to draw the viewer in.

My problem was most of the shots I wanted to get it didn’t matter how much I moved and twisted, there was some form of weird distraction in them, and that’s when I start to get a little testy. I understand that sometimes we have to take what we are given, and not much else can be changed, but I’m a man that really hates the idea of “good enough”.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with my mindset, but just don’t ask my friends their opinion, as they do believe I’m quite mad. I always look at what I produce and instantly look at ways of making it better, or changing it. Maybe not composition in most cases; but certainly light, tone, edit, even the idea can take a twist for the better with a little more concentration.

The idea that “Practice makes Perfect” I am never sure will work in Photography. We should maybe change that to “Practice makes me Improve and Learn More”, as that seems more fitting.


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