gv_wallan_bw by Phynyght Studio
gv_wallan_bw, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

I have a lot of friends and family that live in the country. I myself lived in Shepparton (part of the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria) for many years as a child.

I must admit you do get used to the heat the dry the snakes and all the other wonderful little things, but there is one thing I do miss the most, and that’s the quiet. It can be such a peaceful wonderful place when it needs, and wants to be. You can sit under a tree with a drink, and think and dream all the wonderful big dreams. These dreams and wonderful ideas can sit and fester as much and long as you could ever want.

I have always thought that this meditative time was something special. I use it to keep myself centred, and to be quite honest, I use it to wonder what I might be able to achieve if my life had have changed if I had taken the “other” road.

Why shoot landscapes, they make me smile.

I love the fact that I don’t need anything apart from my camera, tripod, filters, and an open mind. I can sit and look at everything and decide to shoot whatever I like, and more importantly whenever I like. Anytime of the day, I’m able to pack everything in a bag, wander do wherever I feel I think I can get a lovely photo, and sit and wait till I have the light, composition, and image I can see in my head. The sun and moon are my light source, and the clouds are my softbox.

So keep your eyes open, and remember that time is your friend. When you rush, you miss..


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