dg_macro_dandelion_col by Phynyght Studio
dg_macro_dandelion_col, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

Like Summer Snow Flakes… They just seem to bring out the inner child as soon as you see them!!



howley_lane_col_2 by Phynyght Studio
howley_lane_col_2, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

I was walking in the city and stopped to take this shot. Why? I’m not really sure. There is something that is not only intriguing, it’s a very lonely scene as well.

I think I see myself here. Lonely and looking for someone to talk to just for a moment so I no longer feel so alone..

Well I think that’s what I see…

skull and plum

skull and plum by Phynyght Studio
skull and plum, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

I shouldn’t play with my fruit, but I do.

I have been having a tough couple of weeks, and well to be honest, it’s not seeming to get any easier. I’m struggling with some personal demons, and know that it will get better not only in time, but when this time of year is over.

I took this shot thinking of Life and Death. Let me know what you think.

And the last piece of the puzzle..

Well It has taken a week or so, but the last piece of the puzzle arrived in the office today, a syringe.

It may seem like a weird little thing to have to wait for, but a 10ml syringe is the only thing that has been holding me back from getting onto developing my black and white film!! I wonder if the chemical companies out there realize how hard it is to measure small weird amounts of chemical easily and without fuss? And some of the companies that make kit to develop your film and images should realize that making the tubes and containers in better graduations would be more helpful as well (yes Patterson I’m talking to you).

But alas I have done what’s needed to be done, and obtained the last object to be able to to perform the duties required, and I shall post a few of the results once I get everything scanned (as I still don’t have a neg scanner).

Looking forward to this experiment and experience..

Melbourne Morning Rain

macro_54 by Phynyght Studio
macro_54, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Rain Drop on Lemon Tree
Nikon D300S
60mm Micro f2.8

When I wake up and hear the rain tapping at the window, I must admit I do get kind of excited. I know that the water drops and rain drops macro shots have been done to death; but there really truly is something special in each and every one of them.

Every time I take a shot, I see something different and more unique. The inspire a certain amount of imagination, and reflect a lot of whimsical thoughts. You see dreams, wonders, and just about every day dream you have ever had in this minuscule drop of water just hanging by a mathematical equation.

Take some time to sit and stare, relax your mind and remember all you dreams.