It’s all “Thunderbirds Are Go” now and there aint no turning back……

It was a pretty huge day today. 

I’m now super officially a student at PSC and feel very excited by the whole prospect!

This is not only a new chapter in my life, but a step in a direction that I have wanted to go for many years. I have always thought my self an artist, but never found my niche in it. My mother was a wonderful illustrator and both of my daughters are wonderful drawers as well, but there is something in my head that just can’t do that. I do have a very unique way at looking at the world, so I picked up a camera and found I was pretty good at it.

It has taken me many many years now to realize what I should have done o so long ago, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I know embark on this new journey of discovery in my self, and hope it leads to the things I want at the end, more knowledge!! 


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