One Lens Wonder..

dandenongs_1 by Phynyght Studio
dandenongs_1, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

Was up at Sky High in the Dandenongs trying out a few things when I made a nasty discovery, I had left EVERYTHING I wanted to use and try out at home!! GGGRRRRR

So what to do.. I have just driven about one and a half hours and should really take a few photos..

Considering all I had on me was my 85mm f1.8, there really wasn’t much of an opportunity to shoot, so I decided a couple of quick shots of these little daisy’s will have to suffice..

This is the really nice one. The bokeh is just lovely in the background and there is very little in distractions. I even like the framing and balance in the composition.

It’s kind of a “Happy” shot.. I think.. It draws your attention to the pretty little things in life, and make you remember them. All the small delicate things..


Flowering Gum

macro_52 by Phynyght Studio
macro_52, a photo by Phynyght Studio on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Flowering Gum in my next doors yard..

These little seed pods have these amazing, almost luminous, pink and yellow flowers that seem to last for days.

This shot is more about keeping on top of the light control, and working out what is really required. I’m planning on shooting a lot of these style of images for a while. They are easy to set up, and can be shot with a minimum of fuss at home.

It’s all “Thunderbirds Are Go” now and there aint no turning back……

It was a pretty huge day today. 

I’m now super officially a student at PSC and feel very excited by the whole prospect!

This is not only a new chapter in my life, but a step in a direction that I have wanted to go for many years. I have always thought my self an artist, but never found my niche in it. My mother was a wonderful illustrator and both of my daughters are wonderful drawers as well, but there is something in my head that just can’t do that. I do have a very unique way at looking at the world, so I picked up a camera and found I was pretty good at it.

It has taken me many many years now to realize what I should have done o so long ago, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I know embark on this new journey of discovery in my self, and hope it leads to the things I want at the end, more knowledge!!