Well I got in… Sorta..

I was notified that I will be offered a position at PSC for 2013. Well technically the offer in on November 26th, but I will be accepting the position anyway!

This is something I have been dreaming about for a long time. Not just getting into PSC, but studying something I love as much as photography. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the course, and start on my 3 years study to learn more about the medium I love so much.

I call it a medium yes. I also believe that photography as an art is pretty different to most other arts. It’s look and feel are different. The manipulation of the image is almost as important as the image it self. But as with most art scenes there are skeptics and people that demean it.

Since Digital came to power and film died off (not completely), the art of printing an image turned to the computer. The Master Printers of yesteryear are no longer doing their thing in the darkroom. It’s all digitized and homogenized now. We take multiple images and layer them into unrealistic platters of color that loose all reality.  People have taken the photograph, something that was a paper treat for family and friends, and made it a bunch of zero’s and one’s to be sent around the world at a nano second.

This is the way the world has turned. Digitizing the artistic process has given rise to  a massive amount of unattainable imagery, I dare not think about it. Why set up shots when you can take 3-4 different shots from times before and after the fact, pop them into Photoshop, and create an unreal image that was never achievable..

So I go and learn more about photography so I can walk backwards in time.


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